Why Federalize Our National Elections?

Here is a good list of reasons why we should federalize our national elections:

1. ENDING VOTER SUPPRESSION: voters are tired of waiting in long lines to vote; tired of being ejected from the voter rolls; tired of ballot issues; tired of being turned away at the voting booth due to ID issues;

2. Social Security Voting is far more inclusive than waiting forever in long lines to vote at a polling station or voting by absentee ballots;

3. Social Security Voting eliminates local officials wrongfully tampering with national elections;

4. SSV eliminates the local cost of processing national elections;

5. SSV provides true verified voting;

6. SSV eliminates voting machines and voting machine issues;

7. SSV eliminates overvotes, ballots and ballot issues;

8. SSV eliminates Voter ID issues;

9. SSV eliminates local control of national elections;

10. Social Security Voting literally eliminates voter suppression from our federal elections.